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Friday, May 30, 2014

ryan's new road bike

last saturday, we spent the morning going around to several yard sales, garage sales, moving sales, and estates sales in our area.  we weren't looking for anything in particular, we were just looking around for fun.  at one of the sales that we went to, we noticed that there was an old orange road bike propped up against the garage.  there was no price tag on the bike and we weren't even sure if it was for sale.  i asked the owner how much she wanted for it, and she said $65.  although it was a cool looking bike, it certainly was not worth that much because it needed a lot of tlc.

if you follow this blog, you know that we are really into biking.  we each have mountain bikes, and last summer we bought a tandem bike.  for a long time ryan has been interesting in also getting a road bike.  so, we decided to see if we could haggle the price down a bit.  surprisingly, i was able to negotiate the price down to $15!  (i was pretty impressed with myself.)

so, we added another bike to our bike collection.  we just love the bright orange color!  ryan cleaned it up and did a bit of work on it, and now it is looking great!  he already took it for a spin around our neighborhood, and he is looking forward to getting a lot of use out of it this summer.

we didn't know much about the brand of the bike, so we did some research.  it is a bridgestone kabuki skyway road bike that was built in japan in the 1970s.  apparently it was the first bike on the market to offer disk brakes as standard equipment.  we found this article from 1974 explaining the details of the bike.  pretty cool!

it's amazing what you can find at yard sales!
love, laurie


ma pa camlet said...

Very nice color, love it. What go yourself a deal!!!
Is it racing bike with the handles curved like ram horn's?

ma pa camlet said...

I guess I did not proof read. It was supposed to say: You got yourself a deal.

Unknown said...

I have an old baby blue Bridgestone Kabuki Skyway but it needs a total overhaul. I bought it dirt cheap from a bike shop because he needed the room. If you ever decide to sell your Kabuki, let me know. That one looks more my size and I want to get back into bicycling.