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Thursday, March 13, 2014

kitchen basics: measurement equivalents

next in our kitchen basics series, we're talking about measurement equivalents.  have you ever read a recipe that calls for 3 oz. and wondered how many tablespoons or teaspoons that equals?  well, i came up with this little chart that breaks it down for you.  hope you find it helpful!

. . .

are there any kitchen tips/tricks that you would like to learn?  leave a comment or send me an email to let me know what you would like to see next in the kitchen basics series.

happy cooking!
love, laurie


Ma Pa C said...

Good Tip to know. Love the cute snowmen measuring teaspoons. Glad that you use them so much. I will have to find summer ones.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I have been reading your blog for sometime but have never commented. I think i found it thru google when looking for recipes but i really cant remember. I really enjoy your simple and yummy recipes. I do have a questions for your kitchen basics. Im wondering if you can help me understand the difference between, butter, margarine, olive oil, cocnut oil, almond oil. Im so confused. I switched awhile ago to not using margerine cuz of the bad fats and have started using more butter, oilve oil and coconut oil in cooking/baking, but now im hearing that the fats in those are artery cloggers. im so counfused. IF you have any insight would you be willing to share. Thanks Christine