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Friday, October 18, 2013

happy anniversary, mom and dad!

i just love looking at old pictures of my parents from when they were younger.  it's like getting a little glimpse into what their lives where like before i was born.  i often find myself staring deep into some of their old pictures, imagining where and when the picture was taken, what the day was like, who was there, and what they were like before they were parents.  

i absolutely love this old picture of my mom and my dad.  it's one of my favorites.  one of the things that i love most about it is the way my dad is looking at my mom.  the look on his face says it all.  this picture was taken in 1979, one year before my parents were married.  today my parents are celebrating their 33rd wedding anniversary.  over 30 years later, my dad still looks at my mom the way he looked at her back in 1979 . . . with such love.  i am beyond blessed to have two amazing parents who are such wonderful role models for me, and who love me so much.  there is nothing better in this world than the love of family.

happy 33rd wedding anniversary, mom and dad!
i love you both so very much!

love, laurie

1 comment:

ma pa camlet said...

We love you very much. You are our pride and joy. In that picture I was your age that you are now, but it only seems yesterday. Love and love of a family is what the world should be all about. I am so pleased you feel our love for you and for Jeff.
and of course the kitties.
Thanks for the nice words, they mean so much.