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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

a few more pictures from our trip to nyc . . .

we had such a great time walking around central park in nyc this past weekend.  in addition to enjoying the park, we took a break to enjoy some delicious nyc food too.  

we keep a list of restaurants that we want to try, and every time we are in the city we try to check a different restaurant (or two) off our list.  on this trip we tried two new restaurants, one for lunch and one for dinner, and we loved them both.  before we headed home at the end of the day, we made sure to make a quick pit stop at one of our favorite bakeries to pick up a few treats to bring home with us too.  you know, you can't go hungry in nyc.  there's really something for everyone.

 ^taking the train uptown^
^dinner at luke's lobster at the plaza food hall^
^cupcakes that we brought home with us from crumbs bake shop^

. . .

love, laurie


Anonymous said...

Your trip sounds like it was so much fun! Those cupcakes look divine! I don't know which one looks more delicious :)

ma pa camlet said...

I'll place my order for a lobster roll. Was it lobster or shrimp? could not tell in the picture

Mom H. said...

Those cupcakes look amazing! I hope they tasted as good as they look.