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Monday, July 8, 2013

bits of the weekend . . .

it was unbelievably hot this weekend.  at one point the thermometer read 97 degrees!  leko spent most of the weekend searching out the coolest parts of the house.  throughout the weekend we kept finding him sprawled out in front of various fans trying to keep cool.  the sweat was just dripping off us from the heat and the humidity, so i can only imagine how he felt wearing a fur coat.  poor kitten.

on saturday we went to a friend's wedding.  when the groom walked down the aisle with his parents at the beginning of the ceremony, i pulled out my camera and took the perfect picture . . . only to look down at my camera to see a message flashing across the screen telling me that there was no memory card in the camera!  i can't believe that i forgot the memory card at home.  i took a few pictures of the ceremony on my phone, and then after the ceremony we ran home to get the memory card before the reception.  i swear, i don't know where my head is sometimes.  (i'll just blame it on the ridiculously hot weather.)

we were totally exhausted on sunday morning after the wedding, so we spent a lazy sunday morning at home with french toast and fresh berries for breakfast.  i just love the abundance of fresh berries (at really reasonable prices) during the summer!

to cool off, we spent several hours in the pool on sunday floating around, listening to music, and sipping pina coladas.  (i'll have to share my pina colada recipe soon.)  hello, summer!

we also stuffed our faces with a ton of watermelon this weekend too.  we are taking full advantage of enjoying fresh summer fruit while it is in season.

hope everyone had a great weekend!
love, laurie  

1 comment:

ma pa camlet said...

MW's chapel makes a nice background for the bride and groom.
The napkins are folded pretty. I use to know how to do that, but I think I forgot.
Sure like the tummy time and the pool.