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Monday, June 24, 2013

the weekend.

^a very large batch of brownies (48 brownies to be exact) 
that we made late on friday night for an event on saturday^

^a butterfly release at posie's park on saturday^

^sunday morning buttermilk pancakes 
with fresh raspberries from the farmers' market^

^very serious bird watching (and neighbor spying) on the back porch^

^a new spearmint plant that ryan's mom grew for us^

^freshly picked strawberries from a local farm^

and a few things not photographed . . .

my mom and i kicked off the weekend early with a mother-daughter day on thursday.  we got massages, went out for lunch and ice cream, and walked around historic bethlehem.  it was such a great day.  (we are going to need to schedule mother-daughter days more often!)

ryan's dad had surgery on thursday, and he is doing great!  we were happy to be able to visit ryan's parents on friday night (and again on saturday).

we had a picnic at a local park with my family on saturday after the butterfly release, then we traveled to the allentown farmers' market.

on sunday, we finally got a chance to use a gift certificate that we have had for almost a whole year for a local indian restaurant.  it was such a great lunch date!

after much research and deliberation, on sunday evening we finally decided to take advantage of the buy back promotion that best buy is offering this week.  we each got a brand new iphone 5 for free!  you can't beat that.

the weather sure has been crazy lately!  luckily the weather was gorgeous this weekend.  saturday was nice and warm, but then sunday was unbelievably hot.  ryan, leko, and i were all totally wiped out from the 90+ degree heat  and the ridiculous humidity on sunday.  now the forecast is calling for thunderstorms all this week.  weather, make up your mind already!

this weekend was jam packed and it flew by so fast!  i can't believe that it is monday already.

hope everyone had a great weekend!
love, laurie


Sarah said...

Feel free to come over and make brownies and pancakes for me anytime ;)

Mom H. said...

Great photos, as usual! I love the butterflies and the furball!

ma pa camlet said...

The brownies were good. I had one tonight with coffee just a few minutes ago.
Thanks for making them for the butterfly release.
The pancakes look delicious, especially with the raspberries.
I really had a special day with our mother/daughter day. Most definitely we have to do it again. You are such a special daughter. The best!