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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

ryan's new toy

when we bought our house a few years ago, we were thrilled to inherit a lawn mower that came with the house.  it was old, but it ran great, and we have been using it to cut the grass ever since.

over the weekend, we pulled our trusty lawn mower out of hibernation in order to mow the grass for the first time this season, but much to our disappointment, it finally died.  since our grass was embarrassingly tall, we decided that we better get a new lawn mower stat.

of course, ryan was in his glory because lawn mower shopping meant that we had to go to several different hardware stores.  (i'll tell you, there is something about men and hardware stores . . . it's just like kids in candy stores.  i swear ryan would stay in there all day if i let him.)

we shopped around and we finally settled on this lawn mower, which we bought at lowe's.  after a few clever tricks and coupons, we got the mower at an absolute steal.

we brought it home right away, and within a few minutes ryan had it set up and ready to go.  it's pretty neat because it bags, mulches, and has a side discharge too.  it's also shinny red.  needless to say, ryan is trilled with his new toy.

 ^old versus new^

^portrait of a very happy husband^

love, laurie


Mom H. said...

The mower looks like it should be easy to handle. I'm surprised that you did not have to spend all day in the store!!

ma pa camlet said...

Is he for hire?