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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

a sunday morning bike ride

{music: sunday morning by maroon 5}

sundate [suhn-deyt]
1. a day-long date with someone on a sunday.

i've decided to add a new word to the dictionary.  cute, right?  while i'm at it, i think i'll add "saturdate" too. 

sunday was the first day (in a long time) that we were both free.  there was absolutely nothing on our schedules.  it was exactly how a sunday should be.  so, we decided to take advantage of it and to have a little sundate.  we kicked off our morning by taking our bikes out for the first time this season.  even though it was overcast and chilly all morning, we really enjoyed being outside.  after a nearly six-mile bike ride along the river trail, we had lunch at our favorite indian restaurant and then we came home and enjoyed a three-mile walk around our neighborhood.  we finished up the evening by curling up to watch a few of our favorite tv shows (which have been backing up on the dvr for several weeks).  it was a really great sundate!

love, laurie


ma pa camlet said...

That sure looks like a fun day, great video.
I love the new vocab.

Mom H. said...

I enjoyed your video. Good job!!