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Friday, March 22, 2013


by now, you may have heard the news that google will be shutting down google reader on july 1st.  if you are currently using google reader to follow love, laurie you may want to consider switching to bloglovin'.

personally, i have been using bloglovin' for a while, and i actually prefer it over other options.  bloglovin' is really user friendly, and there is even a free bloglovin' app for the iphone.  the app is great because it makes following your favorite blogs so much easier on the go.

by the way, if you are currently using google reader, when you sign up for a bloglovin' account you will be able to import all of the blogs that you previously signed up to follow via google reader into bloglovin'.  easy peasy!

you can follow love, laurie on bloglovin' here

have a great weekend!
love, laurie