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Friday, February 15, 2013

our valentine's day

^chocolate cupcakes with raspberry frosting
and dark chocolate hearts for our co-workers^

^my festive valentine's day nails^

^making dinner in my hearts apron^

^my valentine^

^white chocolate cheesecake with chocolate cookie crust
and raspberry hearts for dessert^ 

^my hand made valentine card from husband^

^lots of kisses for our sweet valentine kitten^

we had a great valentine's day yesterday.  we started off our day by taking cupcakes to work for our co-workers.  everyone was really appreciative, and our cupcakes were a huge hit.  after work, we came home and made dinner.  (we made steak, scallops, mushroom risotto, and broccoli.)  we knew that our good friend mary alice was going to be alone on valentine's day since her husband was out of town, so we invited her over to our house to join us for dinner.  we were really glad that she came over, and we had such a great time spending the evening with her.  hope everyone had a lovely valentine's day too!

love, laurie


LeiShell said...

Oh my goodness, your desserts! I am drooling! And I love your nails, wish I had gotten mine done now:(

I also nominated you on my blog for the Liebster Blog Award since I love your blog:) You can visit to see more.

Carrie Robinson said...

Steak? Scallops? Mushroom risotto? I was definitely at the wrong house for Valentine's Day dinner, lol!

Please tell me you will be posting a recipe for that cheesecake soon, right? ;)

And cute nails! Did you catch my Jamberry review, giveaway, & party happening on my blog right now? :)