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Monday, February 4, 2013

our little super bowl party

i've mentioned before that we are really not into sports.  however, we do like sitting down each year to watch the super bowl . . . mainly for the half-time show and the commercials.  (my two favorite commercials were budweiser's clydesdale commercial and tide's miracle stain commercial.)

in the past we have gone to super bowl parties at friends' houses, but we much prefer staying home and cuddling up on our own couch.  so, we stayed home on sunday night to watch the super bowl, and we had a little super bowl party just for the two three of us . . . turns out kitten loved joining us on the couch to watch the super bowl too!

love, laurie  

1 comment:

Carrie Robinson said...

We are the same! I could have cared less who won. It is all about the food for me. ;) And we prefer to stay home too.