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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

after spending all night in the veterinary emergency room, saying that we are exhausted would be an understatement.

really, it's a long story, so here are the highlights . . . late last night, we realized that our sweet little kitten swallowed something that he shouldn't have swallowed.  knowing that we had to act fast, we quickly took him to the 24 hour veterinary emergency center near our house.  after 5 hours and $292, the doctors were able to retrieve what leko had swallowed, and we brought him back home with us to recuperate.

last night was stressful to say the least.  ryan and i had to think quickly on our feet, and i am proud of us for working together as a team.  i am even prouder of us for knowing that we both had strong gut feelings and sticking with those feelings to make a decision together (even though it was not a decision that the doctor recommended).  in the end, we made the decision that was best for leko.  even the doctor was amazed how well everything turned out.  sometimes you just have to trust your kitty-parent instincts.  

i'm happy to say that this morning leko is doing much better.  today, the three of us are home trying to recover from the trauma and stress of last night (and trying to catch up on a whole lot of lost sleep).  we sure do love that little guy of ours!

love, laurie


Anonymous said...

Glad he's doing better now!

ma pa camlet said...

On My! Not a fun time when it involves a baby. What contents are shown in his stomach?
It is a good thing you had seen him swallow it in order to take immediate action.
Vet bills are not cheap especially emergency ones.

ma pa camlet said...

Glad to hear the little guy is okay now! That can be scary! Love, Papa

Unknown said...

Wow, scary! I know how awful that can be. One time our cat bit into a glow stick and started shaking and foaming at the mouth and running all over the room. It was so so scary. And for a second, I thought we were watching her die! Anyway, I quickly googled if anyone else had experienced this and as it turns out, the stuff inside glowsticks isn't toxic in small amounts. The taste is just so bitter that she would shake her head over and over to try and get it out of her mouth. So my hubby brought her to the sink and tried rinsing out her mouth. She ended up being okay, thank goodness!

Anyway, glad your kitty is okay, too!