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Thursday, January 31, 2013

a winter walk along the river

today is the last day of january.  i can hardly believe that this month went by so fast!  so, what better way to say goodbye to this chilly month than with a ton of photos of . . . snow!

over the weekend it was bitterly cold.  on sunday, we hibernated inside with cozy pajamas and warm blankets for most of the day, but we did manage to get ourselves bundled up and out of the house for a little bit in order to take a walk along the river.

we absolutely love the river that runs behind our house because it is so peaceful and serene.  we enjoy walking along the river in the spring to see buds on the trees, in the summer to see wildlife along the river banks, and in the fall to see leaves changing colors.  during the past few winters we haven't spent much time walking along the river since it tends to be gray and depressing.  (it also tends to get muddy as the snow melts, and it's not fun to slip and slide down a muddy river bank.)  however, our walk along the river on sunday opened our eyes to the beauty of the river in the winter.

the sun was shining (which has been rare lately) and it was reflecting off the water so beautifully.  there was snow along the banks of the river, ice melting, and geese swimming.  we felt as if we had taken a step out of the cold and dreary winter which we have been experiencing so far, and into a winter wonderland scene right out of a storybook.

sometimes we like to pretend that the river is all ours . . . and for a little while on sunday it seemed like it was.  we are so grateful to have this beautiful slice of nature just steps away from our backdoor.

love, laurie


ma pa camlet said...

That river looks mighty cool and fierce. I love those foot prints. Reminds me of planter peanuts in the shell. I see we have a gymnist in the family walking the balance beam.

Mom H. said...

The snow always looks so much prettier when the sun is shining rather than when it is cloudy outside. The photos are very pretty!