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Monday, December 17, 2012

over the weekend . . .

things that made this weekend great . . .
cranberry-orange muffins
fresh clementines
cuddling and playing with kitten
decorating a gingerbread graham cracker house
driving around at night to see christmas lights
warm chili and cornbread
old christmas movies
peppermint mochas

hope your weekend was great too!
happy monday!

love, laurie


Anonymous said...

That's so funny! Looking at this post I see my weekend. Haha. I have a new muffin recipe to share tomorrow and we just got a box of clementines last night (which are so good)!


ma pa camlet said...

Love the graham house and the kitty. I just want to rough my nose in the belly fur and of course have a peppermint mocha, too.

Mom H. said...

Your kitty pictures always make me smile!!!