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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

it's about time!

when i started college, my parents bought me a laptop.  i took such good care of it, and in return it saw me though all of undergrad and part of grad school too.  when my computer died, i finished out the remainder of grad school and all of doctoral school using ryan's laptop.

for a while now, ryan's laptop has been driving us crazy . . . every time we use it we end up frustrated and i always threaten to throw it out the window.  knowing that the end was inevitably near, we started saving up our pennies for a new computer.  

last week, ryan had one simple task to do on the computer.  what should have taken a matter of seconds took a grand total of 20 minutes.  that was the moment we decided we couldn't take it any longer.  we did a ton of research to see which computer would be best for us.  then on friday night, after work, we went out and bought a new computer!  

i kid you not, we are in love . . . with our new computer.  it is lightning fast, and every time it does something super cool we just stop and stare at each other in disbelief.  seriously, i don't know why we waited so long.  we didn't even know what we were missing all of these years!

love, laurie


ma pa camlet said...

Looks like a nice all-in-one computing center.

CeCe said...

Mac love strikes again! Once you go Mac you never go back. The husband and I each have one and love 'em.

Unknown said...

Beautiful! I'm so jealous. I bet it's been really fun!