Wednesday, August 1, 2012

two years!

dear husband,

happy two year wedding anniversary to us today!  
i can hardly believe that we have been married for two years 
(and that we have been together for eight years now) 
. . . sometimes it seems like so much longer.  

i am incredibly blessed to have you in my life,
and i am so very grateful for all of your love and support.

i look forward to spending the rest of forever with you.
i love you more than words can say.

happy anniversary!
love, laurie



Ryan said...

Happy 2 Year Anniversary my love!!

Papa and Mama said...

We wish many, many more years of love and happiness to a perfect couple!!!!!

Mama and Papa said...

You two make a beautiful couple!

What a wonderful wedding to remember.
It was perfect.

Mom H. said...

You two are perfect for each other. I love the way you work together and complement each other. Have a wonderful day! Your wedding was beautiful; I just can't believe it is two years already!

Anonymous said...

These are such beautiful pictures! You looked stunning! I love your dress, it's so pretty.