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Thursday, July 12, 2012

kelly's kitchen

our friend kelly recently had her kitchen remodeled.  so, a few days ago after work, in order to officially break in her new kitchen, ryan and i headed on over to kelly's house with homemade pita bread, several bags full of ingredients, and our food processor.

the three of us made homemade falafels with tzatziki sauce for dinner (our recipe can be found here) and to drink kelly made awesome tazo iced passion tea with fresh berries in it.  for dessert, we had angel food cake topped with fresh strawberries.

we were absolutely stuffed after eating so much, but we had such a good evening spent with such a good friend.  thanks kelly!  we love your new kitchen!

{homemade pita bread}

{falafel patties cooking on the stove}

{the master chef in his element}

{kelly's yummy iced tea}

{pretty flowers and iced tea in a mason jar}

{angel food cake with fresh strawberries}

{a very happy kelly}

{kelly's kitchen "pet" terrarium}

{kelly's other kitchen pet hoping for a few bites of tomato}

{working hard to keep the dishes nice and clean}

1 comment:

Mama said...

Looks Yummy! I'll have a take-out.

Do you deliver?