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Thursday, June 14, 2012

cozumel, mexico

the third port of call on our cruise was cozumel, mexico.  when we arrived in cozumel, we took a water ferry to playa del carmen, mexico, where we had the opportunity to try so many awesome activities at the xplor park.

first, we went zip lining.  we were able to zip line individually as well as tandem.  some of the zip lines even had water landings!  we also tried hammock zip lining which landed in water too.  it was so much fun!

next, we got to drive amphibious vehicles which could travel on land as well as in water.  we drove through the jungle, across suspended bridges, and through the water in the caves.  (while driving through the jungle, at one point we saw an iguana which was about the size of our cat!)

then, we explored an underground river on a raft which we paddled with hand paddles.  let me tell you, that sure was a work out for my upper arms!

we also swam in the rivers in the underground caves too.  thank goodness for the life vest which helped to keep me afloat, because the water was over seven feet deep in some areas.

we had an awesome time in mexico!  we got to try so many different activities, and we sure did get a good work out too!

ps: you can check out pictures from labadee, haiti, our first port of call, and from falmouth, jamaica, our second port of call, here and here.

love, laurie


Sarah said...

Wow this is like my husbands dream. the zip linning looks amazing! You are going to always look back on this trip with such fond memories!

- Sarah

Life Happens said...

What a vacation!! We have been zip lining in Cozumel too. So much fun. I hope you are getting lots of rest!!