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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

a stroll around the gardening center

on saturday, ryan and i took a stroll around jerry's with my mom.  i was completely in awe when i walked in and saw (literally) hundreds of flower baskets hanging from the ceiling.  all of the colors were so vibrant and bright, and seeing the rows upon rows of flowers and plants put me right in the mood for summer.  (i have had enough of this rainy weather that we have been having for the last several days.)  my mom left with some yummy herbs for cooking.  now i'm looking forward to planting some herbs and flowers in our garden as soon as the weather decides to to even out.

ps: the picture of the hibiscus flower is my favorite . . . just looking at that makes me feel like i am somewhere tropical :-)

love, laurie


Talia Jensen said...

those plants are beautiful! i'm so ready for summer too :)

Sarah said...

I love visiting nurseries. Even if I don't buy anything =)

- Sarah