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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

sometimes things just hit you.

{photo taken by ryan's mom during our trip to north carolina}

the other day i had an epiphany . . . i am no longer a student.

i know it sounds pretty basic.  after all, people graduate and move on from academic life all the time.  however, i have never known anything but being a student.  i went straight through school, from preschool to kindergarten to elementary school to junior high school to high school to college to graduate school to doctoral school.  i never took a break between, and now that graduation is finally behind me, i am finding it hard to believe that i am actually no longer a "student."  but, i am looking forward to this new chapter in my life that doesn't involve classes, homework, research, studying, and endless paper writing.  i am also looking forward to no longer having to pay tuition.  (thank goodness for that!)

i know that i am still a "student" in many ways, since i am continuously learning new things every day.  now, i just get to learn them without having to worry about studying for tests and writing papers!

also, you can bet that i'm going to hold on to my student id for the occasional "student discount" . . . just in case ;-)

have a wonderful wednesday!
love, laurie


Papa said...

It's been a long haul, but you stuck with it and your hard work paid off. You had the will, and you found a way!

Unknown said...

Okay wow!!! These look absolutely delicious. I could probably eat the whole pan by myself.

Life Happens said...

Now the student becomes the teacher!!