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Thursday, April 5, 2012

big news!

guess what?!
we have some very big news over here!

yesterday i successfully passed my dissertation defense presentation.
that means, as of 11:00am on wednesday, april 4, 2012, 
i am now officially . . . 


{ryan quickly took these pictures of me right before my presentation}

{celebration dinner at one of my favorite restaurants}

{flowers from one of my professors}

. . .

needless to say, we are really excited!
love, laurie


Mama, Papa, and Nade said...

Is there is a doctor in the house?

We could not be more proud of our daughter. You did it! We knew you would make it all along.
We are two proud peacocks.
There isn't anyone left in the Poconos, NDES, and SSA that hasn't heard the great news.

As Aunt Carol said, "Wasn't it just yesterday that she was singing at St. Paul's?"

Sarah said...

Wow what wonderful news!!! Such an amazing accomplishement. Congrats!

- Sarah
A Girl In Transit

Mom and Dad H. said...

We just couldn't be more proud of you! We are telling everyone that we see! We knew you could do it! Congratulations!

Talia Jensen said...

congrats Dr. Laurie! thats super exciting :)

Life Happens said...

Congrats!!!! What an amazing accomplishment. You rock!