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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

an afternoon bike ride

over the weekend, we took advantage of the nice weather by spending as much time outside as we possibly could.  even though it was cool and breezy, it was so nice to see the sun out and shining.

to kick off our long easter weekend, we dug our bikes out of the garage, dusted them off, strapped them to the back of ryan's car, and headed out to the lackawanna river heritage trail for a lovely afternoon bike ride.  the trail follows the lackawanna river and part of the railroad.  it is perfect for walking, jogging, or biking.  it was so nice and peaceful, and it was the perfect way to begin our long weekend!

happy tuesday!
love, laurie


The Millers said...

What a fun little outing! Glad you enjoyed the warm weather. Xo

Sarah said...

Sometimes cool and breezy is the best kind of biking weather as long as it's not TOO breezy =)

- Sarah
A Girl In Transit

Life Happens said...

Beautiful day for a bike ride!!