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Monday, March 12, 2012

my little weekend helper

over the weekend i had a ton of work to do on the computer.  so, i spent most of the day on saturday and sunday sitting at our dining room table and typing on ryan's laptop.  all weekend long i had a furry little assistant who was happy to "help" me type on the computer.  as it turns out, he is excellent at standing on the "enter" key and providing me with several pages worth of blank space!  he had a grand time laying across the keyboard and even taking a bath right on top of the computer.  that is of course, until he noticed that the neighbors were having new furniture delivered to their house.  once he spotted that excitement, he decided that he had to move onto the project of sitting on the widow ledge and supervising the whole process.  oh how i love my silly little weekend helper! 

happy monday!
love, laurie


Sarah said...

Awww sweet kitty. My heart will always be won over by kitty (and puppy) pictures. So sweet =)

- Sarah

Mom H. said...

Leko just really makes me laugh! Who can resist such a helper?