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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

bits of happiness {by kelly}

i just love reading everyone's happy lists because it is so fun to see what is currently making everyone smile.  today's happy list was submitted by my good friend kelly!  

here are . . . 
ten things currently making kelly happy:

10. my daily calendar that has the best quotes on it 
9. catching up on bad reality tv
8. feeling like someone loves me
7. adele's beautiful voice
6. the world wide web: fashion, recipe searching, checking out new blogs
5. using icalendar to stay organized 
4. pinterest 
3. my apple products: iphone, macbook, ipad 
2. my two beautiful bernese mountain dogs: mason and bodie
1. all of my friends and family that make me happy every day

thanks for sharing kelly!
{photo of kelly snuggling with her dog mason}

. . .

what is currently making you happy?
love, laurie

1 comment:

Life Happens said...

I always read other's people's happy list and think, ah, those things make me happy too! I guess I should make up my own list huh?! :)