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Friday, February 3, 2012

little letters

. . .
dear ryan,
i am enjoying this new kitten of ours.  however, i don't understand how he is so sweet and innocent when he sleeps, yet so ferocious when he is awake.  did we accidentally adopt a baby tiger instead of a kitten?

dear leko,
news flash . . . you are not a vampire.  please stop nibbling on mom and dad.  i realize that you are teething, but my body needs a rest from your little kitten fangs.  i feel like a pin cushion.  by the way, you sleep in the cutest and funniest positions!

dear readers,
thanks for tolerating the insane amount of pictures that i have posted on the blog lately of our new little furry baby.  we are kind of obsessed!

dear kelly,
thanks for the awesome scarf that you bought me for my birthday!  i love that it looks like it was painted with watercolors.  every time i wear it, i think of you.

dear picnik,
when i heard the news that you were closing on april 19, 2012 i wanted to cry.  i have been enjoying your free photo editing services for quite some time now.  please don't leave me.  pretty please.

dear ben and jerry's,
your dave matthew's band magic brownies ice cream is insane.  i have always loved the combination of chocolate and raspberries, but seriously now, you have taken it to a whole new level.

dear scrabble,
your app for the iphone is dangerously addictive.  i like to think that playing the scrabble app is not only fun, but "educational" too.

dear ryan,
you have been kicking my butt at scrabble lately.  who knew that scrabble was one of your many hidden talents?  even though you keep winning, i love you all the same.


Life Happens said...

Your little Leko is too cute. I love seeing all his pictures and funny sleeping positions!

Have a great weekend.

Anonymous said...

but this cat is so cute! if you go look at my blog there is also a Dior giveaway:

Chelsea said...

I feel like I have so much to say about this. haha. I thought I was going to have a melt down when I heard the news about Picnik! I just barely got the hang of it.

And I really, really want to try that Dave Matthew's band ice cream. That sounds amazing.

So glad I found your blog today!