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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

walnut waffles with roasted walnut and banana syrup

sunday mornings are made for fun breakfasts!  this past sunday, we stayed at home in our pajamas and made walnut waffles topped with roasted walnut and banana syrup.  we used this recipe which originally called for pecans, but we substituted walnuts instead because we didn't have any pecans in the house.  the waffles turned out to be so light and fluffy, and the roasted walnut and banana syrup was absolutely divine.  believe it or not, this recipe was pretty quick and easy to make too.  i love delicious meals that are not time consuming!  this recipe is a keeper for sure.

love, laurie


Ly said...

That looks yummy! Is there a better combo then walnuts and bananas!!?!

Life Happens said...

All your food posts always look so yummy! My hubby doesn't like bananas, but I certainly do!

Paulie Antiques said...

WOW. This looks absolutely amazing!