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Monday, January 16, 2012

today . . .

we actually have the day off from work
and we plan on enjoying our day off
by relaxing at home with this guy!

{he sleeps in the funniest positions}

happy monday!
love, laurie


Sladja said...

OMG he is soooooooo cute! :)


Life Happens said...

That is so cute! You could make some cute captions for that picture.

Ly said...

OMG so freaking cute!! Now I miss my cat :(

Have a great Monday off...extremely jealous.

Haute Eyes said...

That is the cutest little kitty I have ever seen!! I just got a new kitty as well!!


Papa said...

If I ever have to "come back" as an animal in another life, I want to be a kitty cat like this one!!!