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Friday, January 20, 2012

pizza dough

we love making homemade pizza over at our house, and we love trying new pizza dough recipes too.  recently, we made pizza using this pizza dough recipe.  the dough was incredibly easy to make, and it baked up to perfection!  this particular recipe called for bread flour, but we didn't have any at home (we used ours up on a previous project and forgot to replenish it) so, we used all-purpose flour instead.  the dough turned out great, but it probably would have been even better if we used bread flour because bread flour contains more gluten than all-purpose flour does.  more gluten leads to a nice pizza crust.  (looks like we will have to pick up a bag of bread flour the next time that we are at the grocery store so that we have another excuse to make homemade pizza again!)

 {we used the dough hook on our stand mixer to knead our dough}

 {we let our pizza dough rise in a lightly greased bowl for about 1 hour}

 {we used non-stick pizza pans to bake our pizzas}

{we made chicken parm pizza and plain cheese pizza with our dough}

love, laurie

1 comment:

Life Happens said...

I love my kitchen aid hook for kneeding breads! This post really makes me want to make pizza this weekend!