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Monday, November 14, 2011

is it really monday already?

overall, our weekend was jam packed, and i can't believe that it is really monday already.  on friday night, ryan scored us free tickets to see the tour of in the heights at the scranton cultural center.  the show was awesome, and we had great seats.  saturday was spent running a ton of very necessary errands in an effort to prepare for thanksgiving dinner at our house.  it sure seems like thanksgiving is creeping up quickly.  sunday morning we found an awesome sunday brunch buffet, bought our whopping 22 pound turkey for thanksgiving, and did a whole list of chores around the house, including re-calking the bathtub.  i'd say that we were pretty darn productive this weekend.  happy monday!

{friday night coffee before the show at northern light

{saturday morning pancakes at home in our pjs} 

{sunday morning brunch buffet at kay's}


jen fuller said...

sunday morning brunch!? i'm jealous. like...really really jealous!

Laurie said...

@jen it was an awesome all-you-can-eat breakfast buffet at a diner near us. they had a little bit of everything you could imagine. i left there absolutely stuffed, and feeling like i didn't need to eat for the next week. not bad for $9 per person!