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Friday, November 25, 2011

giving thanks

we had a wonderful thanksgiving at our house this year, and we had all of our family over for dinner!  we cooked all day and had a ton of fun.  we enjoyed spending time with our family, and it was especially nice to see ryan's brother and sister-in-law, jeremy and stephanie.  they live in north carolina and we only get to see them once or twice per year if we're lucky.

this weekend, we are looking forward to cleaning up from thanksgiving and spending some more time with jeremy and stephanie while they are here visiting in pennsylvania.

i hope everyone had a lovely thanksgiving!
(and, happy black friday)

{we made a turkey for each place setting following this tutorial}

 {each turkey held a place card}

 {thanksgiving clothes pin banner that we made for our dining room}

  {turkey ready to be cooked}


  {our family}

 {our little table just for two}

1 comment:

Mom and Dad C. said...

Yes, we did all have a wonderful Thanksgiving with you. The both of you went out of your way to create a memorable day with great food, great hospitality, and great conversation. It was nice that Margaret (a.k.a. Mom-Mom, Ryan's Grandmother) was able to make the trip and join in. You two make great hosts, and we all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves!