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Friday, October 14, 2011


on wednesday, ryan was like a kid at christmas time waiting for apple to allow customers to download the new iOS 5 operating system and iCloud.  i couldn't help but laugh a little when he said that he was sitting at the computer on apple's website and hitting the refresh button until the update was available for download.  as it turns out, there were so many people trying to do the same thing at once that it caused all sorts of back up on apple's website (oh sure, didn't see that one coming . . .) so, ryan waited for a day and did his update yesterday.  it took him 40 minutes in total and worked like a breeze.  he had no problems what-so-ever.

yesterday afternoon, i did it too.  of course, mine took forever and when it was done it magically deleted all of my apps!  (oh yes, you can bet your bottom dollar that this sister was not too happy.)  luckily, i thought ahead and i backed up my phone and made a list of all of my apps before i did the download.  it took a little while, but now i have all of my apps back and everything is back to normal.

apparently there are supposed to be over 200 new features to the new operating system.  so far, it seems okay to me.  we'll see . . .

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